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John Krasinski & Emily Blunt's Platinum Dunes thriller begins shooting

I'm a big fan of NBC's THE OFFICE , and thus, I'm a big fan of actor John Krasinski. As a director, I even peeped his dramedy THE HOLLARS a few years back just to see what the man could do. That and the flick co-starred Anna Kendrick. That helped matters. Well, Krasinski is stepping back behind the camera, this time for a film that sounds like much more of my cup...
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Dan Aykroyd updates Ghostbusters 3 and potential stories beyond

Great, another day, another sad pitch to get a 3rd GHOSTBUSTERS film made. I love you Danny, but damn, you gotta know when to hold 'em... Mr. Aykroyd recently caught up with Esquire Magazine, and as always, couldn't get through a conversation without GHOSTBUSTERS 3 being brought up. To be fair to Danny, he didn't broach the subject, but gladly responded with candor as to where...
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