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It's the Booze Talkin': Halloween reboot is the last chance for the series

October is finally here! And we all know what that means; horror movies, candy, spooky decorations and so much more. I’ll bet that most of you have already started decorating; that starts in August for me. One of the biggest treats this year is the continued news of Blumhouse, John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and the prospect of a brand new HALLOWEEN. Even more exciting...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Halloween 4's Ellie Cornell!

ELLIE CORNELL THEN: It may not be October, but I’ve been celebrating Halloween since August. And because we are finally getting close to the end of September, we here at AITH decided to take a look at some of the faces in the HALLOWEEN franchise now. One lovely lass we have yet to seek out in Where in the Horror are they Now is HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? George P. Wilbur aka "Michael Myers"

GEORGE P. WILBUR aka “MICHAEL MYERS” THEN : With HALLOWEEN only one week away, we at Arrow in the Head decided to look back at another unsung hero in the world of Michael Myers. And by that, we mean one of only men that have played Michael Myers twice. And while I appreciated what Tyler Mane brought to the killing floor as the masked psycho, the focus here will...
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Top 10 Michael Myers Kills!

So, you ghouls and gals have a killer Halloween this year? You still hung-over on horror movie marathons and stomach-killing sugar overdoses? You should be! But don't fret folks, we're here to offer one last Halloween celebration that should be as sweet as the 14 pounds of candy you packed in your pillowcase. That's right, we're spending the day with Halloween's finest cinematic creation, Mr....
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