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Dissecting Naomi Watts!

NAOMI WATTS! Who doesn't love the hell out of Naomi Watts? Honestly. The gorgeous and talented English-Aussie import, whose surname perfectly reflects her luminosity and ever-radiant onscreen energy, has certainly loved the horror genre since busting onto the scene in the mid 90s. Consider the pedigree. Working with the likes of Joe Dante, Peter Jackson, Michael...
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Dissecting Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead!

Buy DEATH PROOF here MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD! Merry Christmas Eve you drunk sumbitches. No, strike that, make it a Mary Christmas...Mary Elizabeth Winstead, that is! As far as new generational scream-queens are concerned, is there a prettier package to unwrap than the gorgeous and talented Ms. Winstead? I truly doubt it. I mean, over the course of the last...
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Dissecting Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead

“Mary Elizabeth Winstead” Buy FINAL DESTINATION 3 here! There’s something to be said about a smokin’ hot burnette with big brown eyes, a killer body, and a carefree attitude to boot. And lucky for the genre community as a whole, we’ve been blessed with one of the hottest burnettes ever with the graciously divine Mary Elizabeth Winstead...
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