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Top 10 Fatal Attractions!

Hey now, anyone else develop a torrid obsession with all these, well, torrid obsession movies that seem to drop every year? You know, the kind where a jilted lover of sorts can't handle their rejection, completely unravels and devolves into a psycho-obsessive-stalker who may or may not lash out with ill intentions? Yeah well, call it a guilty pleasure if you must, these insipid little thrillers...
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Horror Movie Hotties: The Roommate (2011)

There's never a bad time for some good old fashioned girl-on-girl horror movie action. The suspenseful lesbian kissing scene only one of the most common and appreciated cliches of the horror genre. I suppose THE ROOMMATE could only be described loosely as a "horror" film, but it's technically a "scary movie". Whether or not watching Leighton Meester and Daneel Harris play tonsil hockey...
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AITH Podcast: Girls Against Boys' Danielle Panabaker plus our Crazy Chick Flick theme show!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast kicks off our Crazy Chick Flicks theme show this week with special celebrity guest Danielle Panabaker to talk about her latest Crazy Chick Flick GIRLS AGAINST BOYS (5:27). Then we start things right by diving into film that kick-started the sub-genre, FATAL...
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