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Director Josh Boone on The Stand standstill, plus Revival adaptation

Josh Boone, the director of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS who is working on the stalled THE STAND feature, as well as REVIVAL , another Stephen King adaptation sat down with Nightmare Magazine for an interview, during which they touched on the progress of both his King flicks. Regarding THE STAND, he candidly explained why the project hasn't been moving forward quite as quickly...
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Samuel L. Jackson to preach in Stephen King's Revival?

† Samuel L. Jackson must dig the world of Stephen King as much as we do, because he's close to joining his third King joint. EW is reporting that Jackson is circling the lead role of Charles Jacobs in REVIVAL, the feature adaptation (that was only announced last week ) of King's 2014 novel. Josh Boone is helming the film, which must be moving along pretty fast. I guess this...
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The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone to tackle Stephen King's Revival

Josh Boone might be best known as the director of the teen weepy adaptation THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, but the man has a secret obsession: Stephen King. Boone has been working on the screenplay for an adaptation of THE STAND which he intends to direct, but he "need[s] more time" and in the meantime has turned to another King property: his 2014 novel  REVIVAL . He...
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Matthew McConaughey is in the running for Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Writer/director Josh Boone is working on adapting Stephen King's epic novel THE STAND into multiple films at Warner Bros. During this process, one the actors said to be on the project's casting wish list is Matthew McConaughey, and while the loudest rumblings have been that McConaughey was being eyed for the role of the evil Randall Flagg, Boone has said that he'd...
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Happy Birthday, Stephen King! Check out this 1982 interview with the master!

As evidenced by the headline, today is the birthday of one of our favorite people on the planet, Stephen King. Do you need his resume? A reminder of his accomplishments? Didn't think so. Mr. King is 68-years-young today. He's getting up there a bit in years, but his writing hasn't faltered a bit, nor has his popularity. There are too many King-related projects in development to...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Bring Stephen King Back to the Big Screen!

Growing up with horror movies, Iíve always had a fondness for Stephen King. The author has crafted some seriously spooky tales and while not all of them made for great cinema, there are quite a few that haunted my dreams. When it came to feature films you had CUJO, PET SEMATARY, THE DEAD ZONE, CARRIE, FIRESTARTER, MISERY and THE SHINING. That is only a small handful of the amazing stories...
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The Stand might see an 8-part miniseries on Showtime before its feature film

There appears to be an extremely bold and exciting new wrinkle in the development of director Josh Boone’s THE STAND adaptation, as THR is reporting that Warner Bros., CBS Films and Boone are in talks with Showtime to mount an eight-part miniseries that will eventually lead to a big-budget feature film. Ho-ly-shit, that’s something. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS director who...
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Is Matthew McConaughey definitely taking The Stand for Josh Boone?

A rumor that has been floating around for months now just got a little more solid. We heard that Matthew McConaughey was the #1 choice to play villainous Randall Flagg in THE STAND back in August; now The Guardian is confirming the word, saying that the Oscar winner "looks set" to play the baddie for director Josh Boone. Naturally we'll still want to await confirmation from the...
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Josh Boone's The Stand adaptation will be multiple films after all

I’m surprised it took them this long to figure out that a movie adaptation of Stephen King’s THE STAND would only really work as multiple films. Four to be exact. At least that’s what FAULT IN OUR STARS director Josh Boone is saying. Keeping up with this adaptation has been a hell of a ride so far with 100 directors dropping out of the project before finding a...
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Stephen King hints that The Stand could be more than just one movie

We've known for a while now that we would be seeing a new adaptation of Stephen King's best-selling novel THE STAND coming our way with THE FAULT IN OUR STARS director Josh Boone at the helm. We've had several updates on the film over the past few months, the most recent coming from Boone himself who shared that King ' absolutely loved ' the script for THE STAND,...
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Director Josh Boone gives updates on Stephen King's The Stand

Fans of Stephen King's epic apocalyptic tale THE STAND have been waiting for a big-screen adaptation a long time, and now we're closer than ever to getting it. Director Josh Boone (THE FAULT IN OUR STARS) will be helming the adaptation, which he recently shared would be a " three-hour, R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast across the board ". There is even a...
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Matthew McConaughey eyed for villain role in Stephen King's The Stand

Could the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's THE STAND be gaining a "True Detective"? It is a possibility as Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. is coveting Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey for a villainous role in the Josh Boone-helmed take on the classic King tale. According to Deadline, Matthew McConaughey, who heads into the weekend as a favorite to...
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