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The Walking Dead: Watch a clip from the upcoming new episode!

Can you taste it? It's less than a week until we get a fresh episode of "The Walking Dead"! Set to return on February 10th with "The Suicide King," the AMC series has just dished out a fresh clip to get us salivating. Or is that keep us salivating... In the clip, we're reintroduced to some of the new members of the group, Tyreese and company. If you're looking for delirious action,...
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The Walking Dead continues next month, and here's the trailer!

Back when "The Walking Dead" finished the first half of Season Three in December, we showed you the preview for Part Two, which starts airing next month. Now that we're inching closer to seeing the fates of Rick, Daryl, Merle and the rest, AMC has unveiled a clearer look at the next chapter of the fantastic series. Check it out below. Part Two of Season Three kicks off with...
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