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Dissecting Roman Polanski!

WRITER/DIRECTOR ROMAN POLANSKI! There aren't too many international filmmakers - high and lowbrow - as skilled and accomplished as Roman Polanski. There really aren't. The dude has fostered a five-decade career in and out of Hollywood, culling every critical plaudit under the sun (Oscar, Globe, BAFTA), navigating his way in and out of almost every genre...
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Criterion teases Repo Man, Scanners, The Devil's Backbone and many more horror titles!

Ordinary f---ing people, man. There's no way they could decipher the films being teased in Criterion's 2013 "Wacky New Year's Art." At the end of every year the company teases its upcoming slate of releases with an "interpret the artwork" style cartoon, the kind of thing you might find in an issue of Highlights For Children if it was taken over by a bunch of cinephiles. This...
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