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Dissecting Guy Pearce!

ACTOR GUY PEARCE! Be honest, are you a bit surprised to find Guy Pearce under the Dissection slab this week? I know I am a little. You think that's because, as such a versatile performer, it's easy to overlook the amount of genre material he's forayed into over his career? Could be, but make no mistake, the diverse English-born Aussie actor has always...
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Top 10 Time Travel Thrillers!

What is it about time travel that makes for such entertaining cinema? Is it the uncertainty? The wonderment? The endless possibilities? The innate desire to move up and down, backwards and forwards through our own personal chronology? The ability to change the past and alter the future? Whatever the fascination, time travel has been a staple of movie plots for almost as long as the medium has...
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