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Trailer & poster for Gary Sinyor's The Unseen

Writer-director Gary Sinyor's upcoming horror-thriller THE UNSEEN is a movie I hadn't heard a single thing about until today. But after checking out the film's trailer (below) I'm more than a little interested to see what secrets the film holds. The film seems to be taking a very interesting visual approach to the story of a woman losing her eyesight due to panic...
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Fox picks up 'biblical thriller' The Unseen

Fox has bought biblical thriller script THE UNSEEN, written by John Travis, with Hutch Parker attached to produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The script is based on the short story "Mr. Pettinger’s Daemon", which appeared in John Connolly's collection of short fiction stories "Nocturnes". The plot centers on... ...a hospital cleric...
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R.I.P. Friday the 13th Part V director Danny Steinmann

We're saddened to hear reports emerging of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING director Danny Steinmann's passing. Aside from his entry in the iconic slasher series, Steinmann can also be credited as the man behind THE UNSEEN (directing as Peter Foleg) and the Linda Blair exploitation classic SAVAGE STREETS. Steinmann was a director who will be remembered for embracing...
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