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Where in the Horror are they Now? Thomas Jane!

THOMAS JANE THEN : There are some actors that are just the essence of badassdom. No matter what the role, no matter what the film, they just have this charisma. One such talent is Thomas Jane. Sure he can be funny, after all he spent a couple years starring in a comedy/drama series called Hung. Yet one thing the actor always seems to come back to is genre. The dude...
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Blumhouse releases three new flicks onto Netflix

Today, Blumhouse has performed its near-annual Netflix dump, in which the films they produced that weren't quite hefty enough to go theatrical get sloughed onto the streaming service with next to no warning. This is not always a death sentence. Though they may not be the best films the company has to offer, some of the flicks that have gotten this treatment have been extremely...
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Thomas Jane and Jessica Alba pull back The Veil on February 2

It's been a couple years since we last heard any news about the Blumhouse production THE VEIL , but now the best movie news of all has made its way online: a release date. Universal will be releasing THE VEIL onto VOD in just a few weeks, on February 2 nd. Taking its cues from the stunningly awful real world story of cult leader Jim Jones, this supernatural...
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Top 10 Must-See Genre Flicks of 2016!

Wow, can you believe 2015 is already winding to a close? Craziness. And while the end of the year often brings back best of lists from the previous 12 months, it's high time we look forward to the future of genre flicks. As you'll see, 2016 is poised to be the year of big-budget horror sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes. But that's not all. Nope. There's a large slate of cool looking...
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Meegan Warner joins Blumhouse's The Veil, with Thomas Jane & Jessica Alba

We've been keeping a close eye on director Phil Joanu's THE VEIL, a new cult-based horror tale coming at us from Universal and Blumhouse Productions. Back in February we learned that THE PUNISHER star Thomas Jane had signed on to star, later joined by sexy SIN CITY star Jessica Alba and "American Horror Story" actress Lily Rabe. Now Deadline is reporting that...
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Lily Rabe to star in Blumhouse's The Veil, will topline ABC's The Visitors

"American Horror Story" actress Lily Rabe is hot right now coming off a successful third season of the hit FX show, landing a starring role in Blumhouse's upcoming microbudget horror film THE VEIL and being tapped as the lead on the recently announced ABC series "The Visitors". THR is reporting that Rabe has signed on for director Phil Joanou's THE VEIL,...
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Jessica Alba in talks to join Thomas Jane in Blumhouse's The Veil

Last week we brought you the news that THE MIST star Thomas Jane had signed on for Blumhouse's microbudgeted horror project THE VEIL, with Phil Joanou (DIRTY LAUNDRY) onboard to direct. Now THR is reporting that uber-hottie Jessica Alba is in talks to join Jane for THE VEIL, which is scheduled to go before the cameras in April. As reported earlier, Universal will be distributing...
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Thomas Jane signs on for Blumhouse's The Veil

Thomas Jane is no stranger to the horror genre, having starred in Frank Darabont's THE MIST, Lawrence Kasdan's Stephen King adaptation DREAMCATCHER, as well as the upcoming killer bear flick ENDANGERED, and today we learn Jane will be returning to play in the horror sandbox as THR is reporting that Jane will star in THE VEIL, the latest microbudget horror film from Jason...
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