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First Look: Lauren Ashley Carter in killer clown flick Gags

If it wasn't somehow obvious at this point, I am a huge horror fan. One thing I love in particular about the genre as of late is the inclusion of neo-scream queen Lauren Ashley Carter in seemingly every other flick. Not complaining. Just saying the actress has been in a bunch of flicks the last few years including  DARLING , JUG FACE, THE MIND'S EYE , POD,...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Angela Bettis!

ANGELA BETTIS THEN : Do you remember the first time you saw MAY (2002)? I’ll never forget that twisted flick. Directed by Lucky McKee (THE WOMAN, ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE), this disturbed tale of obsession got under most horror fans skin. You can certainly credit some of that to the impressive cast the filmmaker gathered together. Among the on-screen talent was...
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Face-Off: The Woman (Inside) Vs. Santa (Silent Night)

I was glad to see that the majority of our faithful AITHers understood the meaning behind our last Thanksgiving-themed Face-Off . I'll spell it out once more, for all to see: the Face-Off was about who would be a BETTER GUEST TO HAVE AT THANKSGIVING and NOT about who would win in a fight. And many agreed with the outcome that Leatherface would be better suited at the dinner table as...
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Dissecting Actress Angela Bettis

”Angela Bettis” Buy CARRIE here! There are plenty of unique-looking dude actors out there who have thrived in the horror genre, as male horror stars don’t have to be supermodels. But females in the genre? That’s another story. They have to be smokin’ hot Scream Queens with big hooters and a killer set of lungs. Which is why actress Angela Bettis is...
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Trailer, poster and photos from Slamdance entry Jug Face

From the producers of THE WOMAN comes JUG FACE , a low-budget creeper that was recently accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival. We have not written this one up yet, for which we apologize, because it looks supremely weird and unnerving. We're bringing you a batch of stills, the poster and the first trailer for the Chad Crawford Kinkle-directed film; see all of the below....
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Zombie Boy's Top 5 Discs of 2012!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but I'm actually not much of a movie collector on my own. Other than what I review here, my collection mostly comes from Christmas, as people tend to buy me lots of movies for some reason. But still, 2012 was a good movie year, and I believe I have a decent cross-section of horror goodness here that you'd be pleased to find under your tree. And with that, we're off.
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