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John Carpenter's Halloween is returning to theaters in October!

If you've never had the opportunity to experience John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN on the big screen your chance is coming next month as the one...the only...the classic returns to theaters in October! Michael Myers is returning to cinemas everywhere just in time for Halloween, and he's inviting you to experience the classic that spawned a franchise in a digitally restored...
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Maniac Cop 2 getting limited theatrical release beginning tomorrow!

Last month we brought you the details on Blue Underground's upcoming Blu-ray releases of William Lustig's MANIAC COP 2 and MANIAC COP 3 and if that bit of news wasn't cool enough for ya, we have some info today that should get you stoked about revisting these films. You read the headline. You clicked to read more. That can only mean you're excited to hear the news...
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Kill of the Day: Scream 2 (1997)

I'm a sucker for the SCREAM franchise. There, I said it. When I really hit my stride in the horror genre it was because of this franchise. In particular I guess you could say it was because of SCREAM 2 in a weird way... Long story. Anyway, I'm celebrating this today with a Kill of the Day from the second SCREAM film. In this clip we've got Sidney Prescott once again having trouble...
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First poster, stills and trailer for anthology The Penny Dreadful Picture Show

Not to be confused with the upcoming Sam Mendes/John Logan developed Showtime series "Penny Dreadful" or the After Dark Horrorfest film PENNY DREADFUL , the new anthology horror film THE PENNY DREADFUL PICTURE SHOW features three tales of terror from writer/directors Nick Everhart, Leigh Scott and Eliza Swenson with a solid cast that includes Swenson, horror icons Sid Haig and Jeffrey...
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