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Theaters announced for next week's Alien (1979) re-release

Next Wednesday is officially ALIEN DAY ! ALIEN DAY for those who don't know is the official day where fans all come together to celebrate all things ALIEN . This always takes place on April 26th . Why? It's a clever call-back to planet LV-426 from Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece. This year's main event will be the theatrical re-release of the original...
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Sharknado hitting theaters next week; Regal hosts special midnight showings

And the SHARKNADO frenzy continues on... I finally got a chance to check out SyFy/The Asylum's social networking phenomenon SHARKNADO and I gotta say that as bad as it was, I found myself enjoying it for all its cheesiness. I have found myself eagerly awaiting the recently announced sequel and plan on picking up the flick when it hits DVD and Blu-Ray in September (go...
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