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Pennywise: The Story of IT will be four hours long; Order your copy today

If you somehow were unaware by this point, I am a massive fan of STEPHEN KING'S IT . The new trailer all but blew my mind and for all its camp glory, I adore the 1990 mini-series directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. If you remember a while back I shared the news that there was going to be a full-length retrospective on the 1990 mini-series coming at us from the makers of LEVIATHAN:...
3 days ago
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Pennywise: The Story of IT's Facebook page is live & has tons of info!

One of my most anticipated upcoming flicks is STEPHEN KING'S IT , of course, but possibly even more exciting (not really, but close) is the feature retrospective on the making of the 1990 mini-series, starring Tim Curry! PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT comes to us from the makers of YOU'RE SO COOL, BREWSTER: THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT, and UNEARTHED & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO...
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Georgie meets Pennywise in new pic from Stephen King's IT

Perhaps the most iconic moment in both the novel IT by Stephen King, and the 1990 mini-series, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace ( HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH ), is the truly terrifying scene where little Georgie chases his paper boat to an open sewer drain - only to be greeted by a motherf*cking clown. This sequence is the one I think we are all looking forward to seeing in motion...
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Stephen King's IT mini-series documentary w/ Tim Curry officially announced!

I'm way too excited about this. As you guys may remember, a few weeks back I shared a news article about a feature-length retrospective on the 1990 ABC mini-series of STEPHEN KING'S IT was coming our way from the makers of UNEARTH & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY and YOU'RE SO COOL, BREWSTER: THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT. Well today there was finally...
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Freddy vs Pennywise in Factory's new toy set

My fanboy brain is quite possibly on the verge of imploding like Michael Biehn in THE ABYSS with the thought of this deadly combo beating each other's metaphysical asses. Can you imagine? Freddy vs Pennywise. That would be the coolest fright flick we have seen since... well, since FREDDY VS JASON .  The two titans of childhood terror going head to head in dreamland and...
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Fox's Rocky Horror remake to hit DVD this December with special extended cut

Fox's remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW premiered last night, and while it didn't pull GREASE: LIVE numbers, it did decent for the network and they've already announced a DVD release, boasting a special extended cut (whoop-dee-doo). Arriving on  December 6th , the bonus features will include: Extended Cut Featuring Deleted Scenes and Brad’s...
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TV Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

PLOT: A boring, buttoned-up couple seeking shelter from a massive rainstorm are welcomed into the castle of a singing and dancing transsexual scientist intent on creating a strapping body-builder. REVIEW: A year after what would have made far more sense as a 40 year anniversary (1975-2015), for reasons unclear if not unjustified, Fox as decided to hatch a televisual makeover...
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Listen to several songs from Fox's new Rocky Horror Picture Show

We're less than a week out from Fox's broadcast of their TV movie reimagining of the classic musical THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW , and I'm surprised at how much they've already shared of the new cast's renditions of those unforgettable songs. Shared below, we have short lyric video samples of "Time Warp", "Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch...
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Go behind the scenes with Fox's Rocky Horror as they work to honor the fans

For a couple blissful weeks, I was so preoccupied with the likes of BLAIR WITCH that I forgot Fox was remaking  THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW . Well, reality has struck once more in the form of a behind-the-scenes video showing the cast and crew putting it all together, describing how they hope they can properly honor the fans of the original film.  At the very least,...
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More songs, characters appear in new promo for Fox's Rocky Horror remake

We've been following Fox's remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW for some time now, and while they've dumped out a ton of promo videos for the show, we haven't seen much more than Laverne Cox and "The Time Warp." Until now... This new promo shows off a wide array of new characters and songs (including the much-ballyhooed Adam Lambert as Eddie, mutton...
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Fox's Rocky Horror will include fan participation; October release date set

Yesterday, the Comic-Con trailer for Fox's remake of  THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW depicted a crowd shouting back at the program as if they were at a midnight screening. Well, the first 25 minutes premiered there last night, revealing that that, in fact, will be the case.  Said executive producer Lou Adler: The reason I thought about television...
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Tim Curry teaches the Time Warp in new trailer for Fox's Rocky Horror remake

Fox's remake of  THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW has just received its longest teaser yet in anticipation for their Comic-Con appearance. Massive quantities of new footage are hemorrhaged from the promo, presented as an audience participation screening. It's unclear whether a fake audience making callbacks will be included in the actual presentation. That would...
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