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Fox TV to adapt Enormous into an event series

After the groundbreaking live-action short web film from Machinima, Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour’s ENORMOUS is heading to the small screen with 20th Century Fox Television and New Regency Television, who are teaming up with Prime Universe Films to develop an event series based on the action-horror comic book from publisher 215 Ink, reports Deadline. Set in the near future,...
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Machinima pilot Enormous finds cast, begins filming today

Last month we brought you word that an adaptation of Tim Daniel's graphic novel ENORMOUS was set to stomp its way to us in the form of a pilot being developed for online entertainment player Machinima, and today we have news on who will be filling some of the casting slots for this ambitious project. THR is reporting that Ceren Lee, Erica Gimpel ("Cult", "True...
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Machinima bringing us an Enormous new pilot

After scoring with live action web series based on the “Halo” and “Mortal Kombat” video game franchises, online entertainment player Machinima is turning to comicbooks for new programming, bringing us a 10-minute pilot based on the graphic novel "Enormous", according to Variety. Machinima has paired  with producer Adrian Askarieh and his Prime...
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Tim Daniel talks upcoming monster movie Enormous

Because it has been so damn long since we've heard a peep from the upcoming adaptation of the monster-themed graphic novel ENORMOUS , how about a refresher? Way back we learned that Andre Ovredal, the Norwegian director of the found footage indie TROLLHUNTER , would be teaming up with producer Adrian Askarieh to adapt Image Comics' monster tale. And after that we really...
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