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Synchronicity (Movie Review)

PLOT: Upon inventing a time travel machine, an amateur physicist named John Beale is suddenly trapped in a causal time loop that pits him against a sexy femme fatale and an evil corporation intent on buying him out. REVIEW: After a three year stint staking a claim to his name in the kitschy campground of MTV's MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16, writer/director Jacob Gentry returns...
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Face-Off: The Terminator Vs. Terminator 2

I think you all had as much fun with our last Face-Off as I did writing it. In the end, Ghostbusters narrowly edged out Beetlejuice for the big W. Clearly both are fantastic works of horror humor and I think one of the main reasons Peter Venkman and company took the match was because they came first and set the standard. Regardless, both are ridiculously rewatchable classics. For...
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Two new clips from Platinum Dunes' Project Almanac

Not so sure what to think of PROJECT ALMANAC , the found footage time travel thriller from Platinum Dunes. Although, now that I've just used both "found footage" and "Platinum Dunes" in the same sentence, maybe I know what to think of it after all. I have personally heard mixed things about it; one acquaintance of mine hated it, while another really dug it. I supposed that's the kind of...
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Boundless Pictures options Timeless script from Zombie Diaries creator

Boundless Pictures principals Courtney Lauren Penn and Brandon Burrows announced on Tuesday that the production company has optioned the dark sci-fi/time-travel script TIMELESS, written by THE ZOMBIE DIARIES trilogy writer-director Michael Bartlett. The story is set in London in a dystopian future where a hit man is fatally addicted to a street drug that allows him to time...
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Tarsem Singh lines up sci-fi thriller The Panopticon

With an upcoming slate that includes the Ryan Reynolds-starring SELFLESS and an epic and ambitious take on the life of Marco Polo set to star Gong Li, you would think that Tarsem Singh would be too busy to take on yet another project, but that's exactly what the director has done as The Wrap has learned that Singh is set to bring his distinct visual style to Good Universe's THE...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Why even bother with The Butterfly Effect reboot?

Let’s talk reboot! Specifically the recent plans to remake the meh flick THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (Which The Arrow actually loved - to each his own) . To be fair, the film starring Ashton Kutcher was able to earn an impressive chunk of change with its small budget. Hell, it even inspired two super mediocre straight to DVD sequels: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2 in 2006 and THE...
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And now it's The Butterfly Effect that is getting the reboot treatment

While THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT isn't even a decade old and spawned a couple of sequels (the most recent of which, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3: REVELATIONS, hit DVD only 4 years ago), it is already being primed for the reboot treatment, according to Variety. According to the article, FilmEngine and Benderspink are teaming to reboot 2004′s THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT with original...
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Lotus Entertainment lands time-travel thriller spec Revelation

We love a good time travel flick, especially when it has some darker overtones. I'm talking films like LOOPER and other hardcore sci-fi films that use the time-travel element in unique and fun ways. Now Deadline is reporting that we may soon be seeing another film in that vein as Lotus Entertainment has landed the rights to Hernany Perla’s time-travel thriller spec...
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