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Horror Whores: Pound of Flesh (2010)

While searching for today's Horror Whores I stumbled on one of the best opening scenes I've ever seen. It belongs to the 2010 flick POUND OF FLESH, which features the great Malcolm McDowell as a professor/pimp who gets caught up in a murder case. Can't go wrong with that, right?! Throw in an opening scene like today's Horror Whores and you've got yourself a winner in my eyes!...
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Horror Whores: Parasomnia (2008)

Cherilyn Wilson is pretty damn hot, right? Then why in the world isn't she in more?! I gave you all a look at the actress before in a Horror Whores and now here I am again with this smoking hottie. This time we've got a clip from PARASOMNIA where Wilson is being wiped down by some weird dude. Oh, and she's topless! That just went from boring to a must-watch, didn't it? So what are you...
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