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Sales art for Monsters: The Dark Continent warns of the infected zone

Television director Tom Green will be behind the camera of MONSTERS: THE DARK CONTINENT , which is the sequel to Gareth Edwards' MONSTERS . Today the first artwork for the flick has graced our presence and we've got it right here for you all. I wanted to love MONSTERS, but I found myself forcing my way through it. It was an interesting concept and had some solid visuals, but I...

Check out the monstrous teaser for Monsters: Dark Continent

Empire Online has just launched the first teaser trailer for MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT , which of course is the sequel to Gareth Edwards' micro-budget hit MONSTERS , the film that got him GODZILLA. While I admired MONSTERS, I wasn't completely engaged in it; I found it more interesting than entertaining. Will the sequel up the ante? Seven years on from the events of Monsters, and...

Monsters sequel Dark Continent is now filming

It's been quite some time since we've heard anything from the sequel to Gareth Edwards' MONSTERS , a Jay Basu-penned script titled MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT (check out our last report on it HERE) . Screen Daily has learned that the Tom Green-helmed flick has begun production in Jordan, with five weeks scheduled there followed by one week of filming in Detroit. The film, set “some...

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