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Where in the Horror are they Now? The cast of Fright Night!

THE CAST OF FRIGHT NIGHT There are many things to admire about horror legend Tom Holland. You know, the guy that directed CHILD’S PLAY and stuff? Well he also made one of the coolest vampire flicks ever. Of course I’m talking about the 1985 feature FRIGHT NIGHT. While I appreciated what Colin Farrell brought to the role in the hyped up remake, the original is...
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Trailer: Rock, Paper, Dead from director Tom Holland & writer Victor Miller

Tom Holland has made some of the best horror films of all time with CHILD'S PLAY and FRIGHT NIGHT under his belt. He has also directed two solid Stephen King adaptations with THINNER and THE LANGOLIERS. Now if the news of Tom Holland's new horror flick doesn't excite you (for some odd reason) then how about the fact that the film is written by none other than Victor...
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Tom Holland promises a Fright Night 3 novel, potentially a film

There's one benefit to getting old, says Tom Holland. The rights to FRIGHT NIGHT , which are currently owned by a private equity firm, will be returned to Holland in 2019 after the end of their 35 year contract. Do you know what that means?  FRIGHT NIGHT 3 . It might not be in the form you imagined, but Tom Holland is cooking up something spectacular, as promised on his...
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The Test of Time: Child's Play (1988)

We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they remain must see? So…the point of this column is to determine how a film holds up for a modern horror audience, to see if it stands the Test of...
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Hear from Chucky's stunt man in this Scream Factory special feature!

When you hear that Scream Factory has picked up a title for a Collector's Edition, you know you're in store for hours of bonus content that will crack open your mind and stuff it full of knowledge. For this reason, I was excited to see that they were putting out  CHILD'S PLAY , which will be available on  October 18th .  CHILD'S PLAY is one of my...
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Madsen, O'Neal, Titus, McCormick, and more join Rock Paper Dead

Last week , we learned that filming will soon begin on ROCK PAPER DEAD , a project that drew a lot of attention for the horror dream team behind the scenes: CHILD'S PLAY / FRIGHT NIGHT director Tom Holland is at the helm, working from a screenplay the original FRIDAY THE 13TH 's Victor Miller wrote with Kerry Fleming. Harry Manfredini, who did the music for the majority...
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Tom Holland, Victor Miller, Harry Manfredini to team on Rock Paper Dead

Tom Holland's back in the horror game! The CHILD'S PLAY and FRIGHT NIGHT director has assembled a team of horror superstars to work on his next project, entitled ROCK PAPER DEAD . The legendary cabal will include screenwriter Victor Miller ( FRIDAY THE 13TH , a property he is currently suing to reclaim the rights of), composer Harry Manfredini ( FRIDAY THE 13TH 1-6 ,...
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Adam Green and Joe Lynch to podcast for 48 hours straight this weekend

Directors Adam Green ( HATCHET , FROZEN ) and Joe Lynch ( WRONG TURN 2 , EVERLY ) have featured a lot of gory deaths in their films, but now they're joining forces to save lives. For the last 167 weeks, Green and Lynch have been giving fascinating glimpses into the entertainment business through their podcast The Movie Crypt, and this weekend they will be podcasting for 48 hours...
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Extended trailer for Fright Night doc You're So Cool, Brewster!

  YOU'RE SO COOL, BREWSTER! is an epic documentary about the making of both FRIGHT NIGHT and FRIGHT NIGHT PART II containing interviews with almost all of the films' key participants (with the sad exception being Roddy McDowell) - surely a treat for fans of the 80s vampire romps. An extended trailer for the doc has been released and can be found below, giving us a good long look at...
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Stephen King adaptation The Ten O'Clock People is now Cessation

FRIGHT NIGHT/CHILD'S PLAY director Tom Holland has been trying to get an adaptation of Stephen King's short story THE TEN O'CLOCK PEOPLE (from the NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES collection) made for several years now, at one point hoping to have the film out in 2013. Cast members like Justin Long, Chris Evans, and Rachel Nichols have come and gone, and the last news we heard...
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You can submit your film to the first annual Fangoria Online Film Fest

The good people over at Fangoria Magazine are about to meld horror fans with their computer screens like never before. This morning they announced their first annual Fangoria Online Film Festival, an internet experience where horror filmmakers can premiere their work online directly to a wide audience. According to their announcement: While the ordinary film festival...
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Documentary You're So Cool, Brewster! to tell the story of Fright Night

Gary Smart obviously enjoys delving into the behind-the-scenes stories of 1980s genre classics. First, he penned the book THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD with co-author Christian Sellers, which led to the documentary MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD. He then wrote and produced the nine hour documentary LEVIATHAN: THE STORY OF HELLRAISER AND HELLBOUND:...
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