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Tom Woodruff Jr.'s Fire City: End of Days hits DVD and VOD October 6th

Special effects artist Alec Gillis, co-founder of the company Amalgamated Dynamics with Tom Woodruff Jr., made his feature directorial debut on the monster movie HARBINGER DOWN, which is now available on DVD. Following close on the heels of that film is the feature directorial debut of Woodruff, FIRE CITY: END OF DAYS . Written by Brian Lubocki and Michael Hayes, the film has the...
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Cool Horror Videos: Check out early make-up designs for Ridley Scott's I Am Legend

Years before Francis Lawrence and Will Smith brought it to the big screen, the film adaptation of Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND passed through several hands, including Ridley Scott's. Scott was in line to direct the film, while Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to play the last man on Earth, Robert Neville. Obviously, Scott vision never made it past the conceptual stage, but we can still...
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