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Ejecta (Movie Review)

REVIEW: When a super-storm of intense solar flares punctures Earth's atmosphere one ill-fated night, an old alien-abductee and a young filmmaker witness unspeakable extraterrestrial horror. PLOT: After emblazoning his tire-marks on the Canadian horror scene with PONTYPOOL and SEPTIC MAN, writer Tony Burgess has hit quite an unpleasant speed-bump with his newly scripted film...
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Septic Man crawls out of the sewer with a strange new trailer

Last month we learned that we'll be smelling the lovely stench of SEPTIC MAN on August 12 when it make its VOD debut just before hitting select theaters on August 15. If you happen to miss those two dates, however, you can always pick the film up on DVD when it hits shelves on August 19. So on the heels of that wonderful news comes the all new trailer for the award-winning horror...
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Raven Banner acquires mutant horror pic Septic Man

Earlier this month we brought you the badass trailer for director Jesse Thomas Cook's SEPTIC MAN just ahead of the films Fantastic Fest premiere in Austin. The film, which earned lead actor Jason Brown the Best Actor Award at Fantatic Fest, was written by PONTYPOOL scribe Tony Burgess and concerns... ...the unimaginable ordeal of a small town septic worker who becomes...
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Writer and star of Pontypool to enter the Hellmouth

Foresight Features, the studio behind MONSTER BRAWL and EXIT HUMANITY, has teamed up with acclaimed writer Tony Burgess (PONTYPOOL) for a 1950's style throwback entitled HELLMOUTH, starring PONTYPOOL's Stephen McHattie and directed by John Geddes (EXIT HUMANITY). While not much is known about the plot at the moment, McHattie will play a dying grave keeper who is forced to take one...
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Pontypool duo Bruce McDonald and Tony Burgess reteam for Cashtown Corners

The last time acclaimed Canadian director Bruce McDonald teamed up with novelist Tony Burgess, it was for an adaptation of Burgess' unusual zombie novel 'Pontypool Changes Everything' which became the critical hit PONTYPOOL . And while we've heard rumblings in the past of a possible sequel to that film (check out a teaser poster that we hit you with last year HERE ), McDonald and...
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