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Horror Whores: Halloween Horror Nights - The Purge

For the past couple years I've really wanted to attend Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights but it just never seems to line up right. That will change one year! For now I get to see what the Horror Nights bring via the internet like most of you. As if you haven't guessed yet, today's Horror Whores actually comes from one of those Halloween Horror Nights! For today's clip we've got...
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The Purge gets a new poster

One of the horror films I'm really looking forward to this summer is James DeMonaco's THE PURGE . I dig the entire premise of the flick and the idea of all emergency services being suspended for a 12 hour period of time is absolutely terrifying. When you're meeting face-to-face with people who want to murder you and your family within the walls of your own home, 12 hours...
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