Win a trip to the premiere of Stephen King's IT with new fan art contest!

A few weeks back I gathered up a ton of fan art for the upcoming feature adaptation of Stephen King's IT . You can check all of that out HERE . Today I'm here to share the news that the official Facebook page for IT, along with Studio Ronin, are making one sweet ass offer to artistic fans of IT. The two forces combined earlier today to announce a fan art contest in...
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Top Horror hitting Netflix in May

Oh, Netflix, why must you forsake our beloved genre so? As many of you know, I make it a point to showcase the cool genre flicks that join Netflix. I do this because quality flicks will hit and the streaming service will not even tell us fans (and subscribers) the films are available. I recently gave my top five picks for hidden gems on Netflix, which you can check out HERE....
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Awesome Horror Art: Stephen King's IT

One of the things I like most about when a film, or in this case a trailer, gets all the attention that the recent trailer for STEPHEN KING'S IT has is the fan art. It pops up quickly and all over the internet. I went and hunted down what I could find and collected for you guys 50 individual pieces. Some are amazing, some rival the actual trailer for horrifying, some are...
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Zombie Boy's Top 5 Discs of 2012!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but I'm actually not much of a movie collector on my own. Other than what I review here, my collection mostly comes from Christmas, as people tend to buy me lots of movies for some reason. But still, 2012 was a good movie year, and I believe I have a decent cross-section of horror goodness here that you'd be pleased to find under your tree. And with that, we're off.
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