Top Horror hitting Netflix in May

Oh, Netflix, why must you forsake our beloved genre so? As many of you know, I make it a point to showcase the cool genre flicks that join Netflix. I do this because quality flicks will hit and the streaming service will not even tell us fans (and subscribers) the films are available. I recently gave my top five picks for hidden gems on Netflix, which you can check out HERE....
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Awesome Horror Art: Stephen King's IT

One of the things I like most about when a film, or in this case a trailer, gets all the attention that the recent trailer for STEPHEN KING'S IT has is the fan art. It pops up quickly and all over the internet. I went and hunted down what I could find and collected for you guys 50 individual pieces. Some are amazing, some rival the actual trailer for horrifying, some are...
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Zombie Boy's Top 5 Discs of 2012!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but I'm actually not much of a movie collector on my own. Other than what I review here, my collection mostly comes from Christmas, as people tend to buy me lots of movies for some reason. But still, 2012 was a good movie year, and I believe I have a decent cross-section of horror goodness here that you'd be pleased to find under your tree. And with that, we're off.
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