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Horror Movie Hotties: New Year's Evil (1980)

Just about any holiday celebrated on a massive scale can serve as a chilling horror movie backdrop, but New Year's Eve is one that's severely underrated. As spooky as Halloween can be with its costumes and diabetes, most people are still wise enough to board up their windows and doors by 9 o'clock. But not on New Year's Eve. This is a holiday in which it's basically...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)

Today's moment of horror hotness comes courtesy of model/actress  Christine Bently (not to be confused with Canadian news anchor Christine Bentl e y, whose bio is much easier to find online, as I've come to find out). GHOST OF GOODNIGHT LANE may appear to be yet another horror "homage" like that of MUCK , using lots of hot actresses showing skin as a...
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Horror Movie Hotties: The Hills Run Red (2009)

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I believe any horror film, no matter how bad, should be promised a theatrical release so long as it contains a nude scene with the likes of Sophie Monk . That should be enough to warrant more than a straight-to-video release of a movie like THE HILLS RUN RED, especially when you consider how many equally bad movies have had wide releases over the years....
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Horror Movie Hotties: Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)

It's time to take a peek-a-boo at a scene from a low budget horror flick with one of the most ridiculous concepts ever, BLOOD NIGHT: THE LEGEND OF MARY HATCHET. The title is just almost as bad as the plot, which revolves around the legend of a girl who gets her first period, and due to menstrual psychosis, winds up going on a hatchet-in-hand killing spree. Subsequently, "Mary...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Hostel (2006)

Planning on taking any trips overseas this summer? Well, if you're planning on visiting Slovakia, you might want to avoid staying at a hostel. You could end up being gagged, getting your toes cut off, and/or having one of your eyeballs burned out with a blowtorch. Not that Slovakia was your dream destination, although it might be after you check out this clip of Barbara Nedeljakova...
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