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Louisa Connolly-Burnham to star in supernatural horror film Tormented

UK-based production company Hereford Films is getting into the horror business, aiming to create a slate of genre films that will mix "the best elements" of Hammer and Blumhouse - as Hereford CEO Jonathan Sothcott puts it, they're aiming to make "unashamedly populist, high-concept and modestly budgeted horror films that will not only stand out in the market, but haunt...
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Dissecting Director Takashi Shimizu!

DIRECTOR TAKASHI SHIMIZU! No matter who you ask, it's clear Takashi Shimizu is one of the preeminent purveyors of Japanese horror cinema. The dude fomented a tidal wave of international acclaim when his 2002 movie JU-ON: THE GRUDGE proved so damn popular that Columbia Pictures not only remade the film for American audiences, but hired him to direct it...
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Kill of the Day: Tormented (2009)

You guys familiar with the UK slasher/comedy TORMENTED? Well you should be! First of all it's a slasher, and it's a comedy... and it's from the UK. What's not to love? If today's Kill of the Day is any indication as to what the rest of the flick holds in store - then it looks like a good time! Sure the clip features a dude half naked for most of it but what I'm talking about is the very...
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Get Tormented on Blu-ray this April

Fans of the THE GRUDGE will have something look forward to in the coming months as it has been announced that director Takashi Shimizu's TORMENTED will be getting a US release on Blu-ray and DVD on April 2nd. The film will be hitting both 3D and 2D formats so for those of who enjoy being terrorized in all three dimensions, get excited! All the good stuff below: From the Press...
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