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The Last Heist (Movie Review)

PLOT : An armed robbery completely falls apart when it turns out that one of the hostages is a serial killer. REVIEW : A serial killer has been stalking the Los Angeles area for two years, racking up fifteen kills while earning the nickname "The Window Killer" because he keeps his victims' eyeballs as a trophy. Eyes are the windows to the soul, you know. So while...
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Trailer, poster and release date for sexy murder mystery Liars All

The trailer and poster for LIARS ALL , a provocative new murder mystery starring Sara Paxton, have just been revealed and we're pleased to share them with you. It certainly looks like they've got some sexy goings-on here, even if the drama seems a bit flat. But you've got sexy girls, three-ways, NC-17 truth-or-dare action, and of course, murder! Guess we'll wait and see. The...
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