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Is that Glen in the Cult of Chucky trailer?

Okay guys, put your film theory hats on because the official CULT OF CHUCKY Facebook page just gave us a whopper to think on. The page just posted a cryptic video featuring some dude with the headline: " Someone has come back to the world of Chucky. Any theories on his return?"   Sure, I've got a few. First off the "some...
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New Cult of Chucky trailer is super gory!

Damn, CHUCKY DAY just keeps rolling here at AITH as we have already shared with you guys the first (evidently green-band) trailer for  CULT OF CHUCKY  and extra info on the flick's UNRATED Blu-ray/DVD release October 3rd. Now we have a new trailer, via IGN, that showcases the upcoming film's bloody and gorier side with mucho content that is getting to be a bit...
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Check out the new trailer for the abduction thriller Hounds of Love

Earlier this month we shared with you guys the exclusive poster for the upcoming horror-abduction flick HOUNDS OF LOVE , which you can check out below. Today we are bringing you the new trailer for the film, and I'll be honest I haven't watched it yet. I feel this is a movie that I want to into with fresh eyes. That said, I am "looking forward" to this movie....
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See what's on The Other Side of the Door via this new trailer

About six weeks it's been since showing you all the first flickers of a horror joint called THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR , which stars The Walking Dead alumna Sarah Wayne Callies. Now, with two months until its March 11th release, a fresh trailer for the flick has hit the net today. Cop a peek below! But first, the synopsis: A family lives an idyllic existence abroad...
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See Tom Hiddleston fly off the handle in new High Rise trailer

Three weeks it's been since giving you the first flickers of HIGH RISE , a sleek looking thriller starring Tom Hiddleston. Well, thanks to Studio Canal, a fresh trailer has been cut for our enjoyment. Take a peek at Hiddleston slowly flying off the handle below! Due in theaters March 18, 2016, HIGH RISE traces: Dr. Robert Laing, the newest resident of a luxurious...
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New Night Fare trailer drives home the superlatives

Back in May we caught an international glimpse at the sleek and stylish new thriller NIGHT FARE , from French director Julien Seri. Well, round two can be found below in a new trailer that boasts all kinds of plaudits for the film. Turns out this was a knockout sleeper hit at Fright Fest this year. Starring Jonathan Howard and Jonathan Demurger: Luc and his English...
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Satan is born in new trailer for found-footage thriller Devil's Due

Six weeks after seeing the first flickers , a new trailer for found-footage chiller DEVIL'S DUE has arrived today. And you know what? Satan is on his way! The Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett joint effort hits theaters January 17th, so cop a peek at the newest frames to see if this is one worth checking in theaters come new year. Written by Lindsay Devlin,...
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Lock horns with the newest action-packed trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire

Almost 4 months it's been since last seeing a frame of 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE . Today, all that changes with the arrival of the newest official trailer for the film, which, for the ardent-action head, should sit pretty well. Cop a peek below and see if you agree! Based on Frank Millerís latest graphic novel Xerxes, and told in the breathtaking visual style of the blockbuster...
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