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Exclusive clip from The Demon's Rook shows a demonic transformation!

Want to start off your Monday in batshit crazy fashion?! Then feast on this exclusive clip from Tribeca Film's THE DEMON'S ROOK, a monstrous throwback to the DIY horror films of the 70s and 80s! Directed by James Sizemore, the film is filled to the brim with gore and demonic creatures from hell, so there's a pretty good chance you'll want to check it out. In our clip, a villainous...
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Murderous dark comedy Let's Kill Ward's Wife picked up by Tribeca Film

Tribeca Film and Well Go USA have jointly acquired LET'S KILL WARD'S WIFE , a gruesome dark comedy from director Scott Foley. (Yes, that Scott Foley.) The companies are planning on releasing it at the end of the year. Starring Foley, Patrick Wilson, Amy Acker, Donald Faison, Greg Grunberg, Nicolette Sheridan, Dagmara Dominczyk and James Carpinello, LET'S KILL WARD'S WIFE is...
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Take a hit off the trailer for supernatural drug thriller Resolution

We've been keeping the drug-fuelled supernatural thriller RESOLUTION in our system since late August, but as the first of January fast approaches, it's really time to make good on such a promising undertaking. Y'all ready for the trailer for RESOLUTION? Well, thanks to Trailer Addict, so are we! From director Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson: Michael (Peter Cilella) is committed...
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Alex Karpovskys psychosexual thriller Rubberneck gets North American release

This past 4-20 we smoked up the trailer for RUBBERNECK , Alex Karpovsky's psychosexual thriller we hoped would land a release date after its Tribeca screening. No such luck then, but now, some 8 months later, word has dropped that Tribeca Film has acquired North American rights to the flick. According to a presser, Tribeca Film plans to release RUBBERNECK in February 2013,...
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