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Evil Dead has scored an NC-17... for now

Here's something that may not exactly qualify as breaking news, but it will still please those of you (all of us) looking forward to THE EVIL DEAD : Director Fede Alvarez confirmed via Twitter that the remake nabbed an NC-17 rating. Groovy! Naturally, studio TriStar Pictures will not be releasing the film that way, but it's nonetheless heartening to learn the film has enough unholy...
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The Evil Dead green-band trailer shows some new imagery, not as much blood

The first two trailers for EVIL DEAD likely made us so giddy with their blood-spewing, tongue-slashing and arm-sawing that we forgot Sam Raimi and co. have to find a way to market this thing to the general public! As much as we wish people everywhere enjoy witnessing two minutes of gooey, uninhibited carnage the way us horror fiends do, it simply isn't true. (Relive their gory glory right...
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