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Tulpa one-sheet leaves a few scars behind

The last we saw from the giallo-esque thriller TULPA was the blood soaked red-band trailer a few months ago and now we've got an all new one-sheet for you guys to check out below. TULPA will premiere at Fanta Festival in Rome on June 16th before rolling out to 100 screens across the country on June 20th. Meanwhile, at the recent Cannes Film Festival, international sales agent...
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New giallo Tulpa gets a sexy, bloody red-band trailer

Ah, it's refreshing to see some new giallo on the horizon, isn't it? Director Federico Zampaglione has engineered some devilish sex and violence with his new horror number TULPA , and you can enjoy the freakiness below. Just know that this is definitely NSFW, with plenty of nudity, impalings, bloodshed and general gory carnage splattered across the screen. If you're all alone, however,...
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