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Ghoul (Movie Review)

PLOT: 70 years after the Stalin lead Holodomor - a mass starvation of roughly 7 million people - a small American documentary crew travels to Ukraine to chronicle cannibalism in the 20th century. What they discover is far harder to digest! REVIEW: Five years after devoting his debut feature to KAJINEK, a fictionalized account of the real life Czech criminal, director Petr Jakl...
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College kids raise some hell in Ukrainian horror Unforgotten Shadows

It seems that, regardless of location or nationality, college kids just never learn to stay out of the forests. It's pretty much a given that if you wander around in a remote wooded area, bad shite is bound to go down.You'll either encounter a man-eating animal, run into an impossible-to-stop killer, find yourself stalked by an inbred cannibalistic family, or unleash a horde of demonic...
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