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It's the Booze Talkin': 2014 Was A Pretty Good Year for Horror Fans!

At the end of the year we are inundated with best of lists, top 10s and so many other articles commemorating a year in review. And while this may be just another look back at the past twelve months, it is honestly a pleasure to talk about all the groovy things that have continued to make me proud to be a horror fan. I could easily complain – and I certainly have – that the studio system...
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Arrow in the Head's Top 10 Holy Sh!t Horror Moments of 2014!

WARNING SPOILERS IN ACTUAL LIST! Intro: 2014 was a good year for genre movies. So it goes that I had a lot to choose from when it came to compiling this Top 10 Holy Sh!t Horror Moments list. This isn't meant to be your definitive guide on which scenes had the most significant WTF?! factor this year, it's just an all-too-brief list of the sequences and images that made the biggest impact on me...
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The Arrow's Top 10 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thrillers of 2014!

Hola Hola! The end of the year is near and that means Top 10 lists up the wazoo on Arrow in the Head! Now, one thing that I noticed in 2014 is that a lot of the better genre films took the VOD highway and for some reason the films that I considered to be garbage, got wide releases and to add insult to injury made lots of money (i.e. my two worse films of 2014 on this list). Being that I mostly...
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Top 10 dames to kill for in 2014!

So, who's primed to undress A DAME TO KILL FOR this weekend? To be honest, I really can't tell by the clips and trailers if SIN CITY 2 will be better or worse than the '05 original, but one thing is certain, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have assembled the finest female cast this side of the latest AVN awards! Good lord! I'm talking Alba, Dawson, Green, King, Temple, Chung, Vega - and...
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Exclusive: Go Under the Skin with Scarlett Johansson in this making-of clip

UNDER THE SKIN , the strange sci-fi film that sees Scarlett Johansson play a seductive alien on Earth, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD next week here in the U.S. Today, however, you can catch an early glimpse of the Making Of featurette on the disc with the exclusive clip you see below. In the clip, the films producers and director discuss the film's central concept and the way it changed...
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DVD/Blu-Ray Release Dates: June & July 2014!

We updated our  GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! June has me with 300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE (which I loved), RAVENOUS Blu-Ray , the ROBOCOP reboot, the badass  WOLF CREEK 2 , ENEMY and PATRICK are on my list! While July is nuts with titles like UNDER THE SKIN , OPEN GRAVE , the TWIN PEAKS SET , THE RAID 2 , Scream Factory's GINGER SNAPS , the Lundgren/Adkins monster...
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Top 10 Sexy Alien Chicks!

Ever since being hypnotized by Scarlett Johansson's coldly detached, yet oddly arousing turn as an alien seductress in UNDER THE SKIN, I just can't think of much else. And not just her, but her ilk. I immediately got to thinking about all the sexy alien chicks that have graced the screen over the years, comparing and contrasting the various iterations, deciphering what has worked well, what...
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Dissecting Scarlett Johansson!

ACTRESS SCARLETT JOHANSSON! Seriously, is there a sexier person in pictures these days than Scarlett Johansson? I truly doubt it. Sultry, sensual, zaftig...whatever adjective you choose to describe this utter force of nature, it hardly does the woman justice. Personally speaking, I think Scarlett is currently the closest thing we have to a modern day Marilyn Monroe,...
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New Under the Skin featurette with Scarlett Johansson

Just one day ahead of its release is an all new featurette for the Scarlett Johansson-starring UNDER THE SKIN from director Jonathan Glazer. It’s a fascinating look into the film as Johansson, Glazer and producer James Wilson talk about creating the mood of the film and how they brought Johansson’s character to life. Dig it below! Here’s a synopsis:...
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Face-Off: Sil (Species) Vs. Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

It seems that most of you were too drunk to bother voting on our last St. Paddy's Day Face-Off , so I do not take offense. Anyways, in case you're a bit more sober now and care, the Tittie Twister outlasted Dory's Tavern as best horror movie bar. Cool? Okay. Now, on to today's super sexy (and lethal) Face-Off whose theme is a nod to the sultry Scarlett Johansson thriller Under the...
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New featurette for Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson beams down

Studio Canal has released a new featurette for Jonathan Glazer's UNDER THE SKIN , which stars Scarlett Johansson as a predatory alien looking for man meat on Earth. The behind-the-scenes look highlights the most intriguing aspect of the film, which is the fact that Johansson interacted with people who had no idea who she was while the filmmakers documented everything. Bottom line: these...
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Scarlett Johansson gets Under the Skin in this new clip

The Scarlett Johansson-starring sci-fi thriller UNDER THE SKIN has just graced us with a seductive new clip where she works her magic on her soon-to-be prey—that poor bastard… UNDER THE SKIN is one of the more intriguing horror flicks on the horizon, so if you happened to have missed the latest trailer, dig it right HERE . Based on the novel by Michel Faber (The...
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