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Horror Movie Hotties: All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

Just now, some of you are facing the horrific truth that football season is over (for at least another couple weeks), and you've still yet to purchase your significant pillow other a Velentine's Day gift. There aren't very many competetive sports that are universally celebrated all 365 days a year, unless, of course, you qualify cheerleading. Not only has this...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Large sums of people are itching to see  JURASSIC WORLD  this weekend, bringing along their Jurassic Smash Blizzards® and Barbasol shaving cream cans. With all this anticipation, I felt obligated to search for a nice "hot" clip from a film involving DNA-altered dinosaurs. Sadly, I had no such luck, so I've decided to with the next best thing:...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Home Sweet Hell (2015)

If you're curious to see  Katherine Heigl in a similar light as some of her former colleagues, apparently, you might want to check out HOME SWEET HELL, in which she plays the stern, manipulative and all around insane wife of Patrick Wilson. The flick, which just arrived on DVD/Blu-ray yesterday, revolves around that classic scenario where a husband and wife find...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

If you survived St. Patrick's Day, you must've worn leprechaun repellent, because otherwise Warwick Davis would've devoured your soul by now. For horror fans of all kinds, it's hard not to have a soft spot for the terribly enjoyable LEPRECHAUN, and yes, I mean the original from 1993. It scared the shit out of me when I was a kid, reacting like Garth in WAYNE'S WORLD...
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