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John Carpenter's Tales for a Halloween Night anthology series coming to SyFy

This has got to be the coolest news we've heard in quite sometime around here. Turns out the master of horror himself John Carpenter just signed a deal with Universal Cable Productions (UCP) which will see Carpenter executive produce scripted programming for networks and streaming services! John Carpenter on the new deal with UCP: I’m excited to partner with...
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John Landis says Universal's Dark Universe isn't respectful of the monsters

Last week I shared a box office prediction post that said Universal's Dark Universe kick-off flick THE MUMMY , starring Tom Cruise was only set to make about $30M this past weekend. Turns out the film did (slightly) better than that and scored $32M. As I said in that post and will say again here, that may not seem like a small chunk of change, but when you consider that even...
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The Mummy reboot may already be a flop at the box office

Well, that was fast. Usually, I am one that keeps mucho up-to-date on all things related to the box office. I don't tend to post many stories about that here as peeps don't seem to care nearly as much as I do about such things. I get that some of the most classic flicks of our genre made zero bucks at the box office - and also that some of the worst have made bucko...
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Spoilers: The Mummy has an awesome The Mummy (1999) easter egg

I don't know about this upcoming THE MUMMY starring Tom Cruise. Truth be told I was a bit off-put by the movie once it was announced that Tom Cruise was going to be headlining the flick. Now, let me just say right here and now, I have nothing against Cruise. I couldn't care less about all of his less-than-favorable antics and/or which church he does or doesn't go to....
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The Bride of Frankenstein will have much more screen-time in upcoming reboot

Recently it was announced that not only was Universal creating their own cinematic universe of classic movie monsters but also that the next film in line for the reboot treatment was BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN . I'm excited about this new take on the material as I was slightly disappointed by the lack of actual Bride of Frankenstein in the original. I know, it's an utter...
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M. Night Shyamalan is funding Glass on his own

The last news we heard about the upcoming SPLIT/UNBREAKABLE sequel GLASS was producer Jason Blum saying the new film was going to have a bigger budget than SPLIT's "low" $5M. That news gets a bit more interesting today as it seems writer-producer-director M. Night Shyamalan plans on funding the bigger budget himself. Shyamalan was recently speaking with...
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Bride of Frankenstein coming out in 2019, Bardem confirmed as The Monster

Earlier today, we let you guys know that Universal was moving ahead quickly on their planned DARK UNIVERSE series of classic monster movies. They released a logo and a pic of the current cast, including Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise among other top names (see that image below). But this news may be cooler - or at least more interesting - than all of that star power combined. Turns...
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The Shining is coming to this year's Halloween Horror Nights!

Nice! I don't know if you guys know this about me or not, but I live in Florida. Yes, poor me, let's move on. That said, we try to keep the horror spirit alive and well down here with such things as Spooky Empire's Weekend of Horror and Universal Studios' annual Halloween Horror Nights . And this year, Halloween Horror Nights just got a lot more badass with the...
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Split 2 starts shooting soon with a bigger budget

Man, all of this SPLIT 2, UNBREAKABLE 2, GLASS movie business is getting a bit confusing, huh? I mean by this point - with SPLIT having hit VOD and Blu-ray - anyone who cares what SPLIT actually was (i.e. UNBREAKABLE 2) already knows the secret. At least I hope they do considering I just ruined it about five separate times in the last few seconds. But all the same GLASS...
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Jordan Peele will write & direct a new social thriller for Universal

GET OUT director Jordan Peele has just signed a two-year first-look deal with Universal which is said to include an "untitled social thriller" that Peele will write, direct and produce.  Supposedly the new project will be a much bigger production with THR claiming Peel's new flick will sport a budget five times the size of his debut GET OUT , which carried a...
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Firestarter remake lights up with Universal & Blumhouse, gets director

It's good to be the King! Akiva Goldsman, the Oscar winning scribe of A BEAUTIFUL MIND, is set to direct a remake of Stephen King's FIRESTARTER for Blumhouse and Universal. Deadline dropped the news, relaying word from Jason Blum himself at the Overlook Film Festival in Mt. Hood, Oregon...of course the Timberline Lodge being the infamous location of Stephen...
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M. Night Shyamalan announces Unbreakable 2 will be released January 2019

Holy sh*t! Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan just took to Twitter to drop a massive fanboy bomb on us all. Not only did he finally confirm that his next film will be the sequel to both UNBREAKABLE  and SPLIT , but he also let us know that Bruce Willis will be back, as will James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Anya-Taylor Joy! Not only that shite, but he also threw out...
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