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Top 10 Creepy Movie Voyeurs!

Don't look now, but with the limited release of indie horror joint THEY'RE WATCHING this week, we began ruminating about all things cinematically voyeuristic. Not simple stalkers per se, but grossly perverted creeps and weirdos who tend to watch, look, spy, peep, keep close tabs on their obsessed subject before making some sort of dastardly play on their prey. You know the type, right? The kind...
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Dissecting Kate Beckinsale!

KATE BECKINSALE! Kate f*ckin' Beckinsale. Goddamn! Very few finer, if any. It's the sexy British accent, isn't it fellas? I said Goddamnnnnn! But enough of the drooly reverie, we're here to not only salute Ms. Beckinsale's qualified acting chops - as most arresting screen beauties of her ilk tend to get unfairly overlooked in that department - but to also celebrate...
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Horror Ten Spot: Scariest Horror Hotels!

So, you guys and ghouls check into A&E's "Bates Motel" this past Monday? Did you enjoy your stay? I personally can't yet tell if the show will work as a whole, but we all know Vera Farmiga is a hell of an actress, and if anyone can keep us interested, it's surely her. But much like Hitch's forerunning slasher masterpiece on which the new series is based, PSYCHO of course, the titular "motel"...
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