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Horror Movie Hotties: Hospital Massacre (1981)

Considering it's one of those holidays the tends to bring out the inner-serial killer in certain people, it's strange we don't see more horror films set on Valentine's Day. After all, it's the one holiday exclusively associated with the color red and disembodied hearts. Sure, the slasher flicks VALENTINE and MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D jump to mind, but if you search...
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Arrow Says! Five horror films to watch on Valentine's Day!

Valentineís Day is upon us tomorrow! Some of us will be having romantic times with a better half, others will be having romantic times with their right or left hand, all depending which way one goes. On that, just like any other f*cking Holiday, itís nothing a good horror flick canít complement. So allow me to share with you 5 HORROR FILMS that always make my Valentine's Day better whether I am...
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Face-Off: My Bloody Valentine (original) Vs. My Bloody Valentine (remake)

I was pleased to see the amount of undead affinity our last Face-Off garnered. Both flicks battling definitely have a special place in the hearts of horror lovers and ya'll did a fine job speaking from your tickers. I do believe Peter Jackson's Dead Alive did just solidify a victory. Thanks for showing the love. And today, we are mixing love and horror into a fun little cocktail of...
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