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International poster for Vampire Academy brings the colorful

It's been a good six months since hearing anything on the VAMPIRE ACADEMY front, yet here we are today with a new international one-sheet for the horror-comedy. Looks like the flick is set to hit theaters in some capacity this Valentine's Day. Could be a nice counterprogram to the all the schmaltzy rom-coms released around that time, no? Adapted from the Richelle Mead novel by...
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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters adds Gabriel Byrne, Sarah Hyland and more

The Weinstein Company's adaptation of VAMPIRE ACADEMY: BLOOD SISTERS is coming along nicely, adding a few cool names to the bloodsucking proceedings. According to Deadline, Gabriel Byrne, "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland, Joely Richardson and Dominic Sherwood have all come aboard the fim version of Richelle Mead's popular book series. Byrne will play Victor, one of the leaders of the...
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Vampire Academy to be attended by hotties Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry

Back in December we served up the news that Mark Waters, of MEAN GIRLS fame, was in line to direct VAMPIRE ACADEMY, a supernatural thriller about a bunch of vampire hotties who learn to hone their vampire skills in a vampire academy. Could be lame, but we're running with it now. especially with the good word that two cuties have been enlisted to star in the film, which is now being called...
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Vampire Academy to be directed by Mean Girls helmer Mark Waters

news must be slow if we're writing about VAMPIRE ACADEMY ! An adaptation of the popular book series was announced back in 2010 , but the thing slunk into the shadows soon after, making nary a peep to indicate that it was still being developed. Looks like the sucker is still going strong, however. On the film's official Facebook page, it was announced that director Mark Waters...
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