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Check out these 19 awesome cover art re-issues from artist Orlando Arocena

I remember a few years back I found myself at Wal-mart and spotted a DVD on the rack with amazing cover art. I ran over to check it out and found that it was a special edition of Wes Craven's debut classic rape-revenge flick THE LAST HOUSE OF THE LEFT . I snatched up the new edition quicker than you can say "Piss your pants" and took it home to watch asap. You can...
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Blu-ray/DVD Release Dates: March & April 2016!

Winter is slowly but surely getting the hell out of our hair, so open up the windows and enjoy a full blast of new Blu-ray and DVD release dates! March has a few notable things in store, like Quentin Tarantino's nutty western THE HATEFUL EIGHT , a three-pack of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE movies (if that's your thing), and the James McAvoy-Daniel Radcliffe starrer VICTOR...
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Victor Frankenstein (Movie Review)

PLOT: Upon the death of his brother, a madly ambitious young scientist named Victor Frankenstein enlists the help of a hunchbacked circus clown in order to bring the dead back to life. REVIEW: It's been over 20 years since a major studio felt the need to give FRANKENSTEIN a big-budget revivification. Now, thanks to an all British production headed by capable filmmaker Paul...
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Life is beautiful in this Victor Frankenstein clip

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is the latest in a long line of re-imaginings of the classic Mary Shelley story. That title would indicate that the film might lean a little more toward depicting the mad scientist himself instead of his undead creation, but it will be interesting to see what truly sets this film apart from its predecessors. In this new clip, Frankenstein waxes poetic about...
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Top 10 Horror/Thrillers To See This Fall!

Sad I know, but as Labor Day approaches, it's time we start thinking about life post-summer. A real bummer. Yet as much as we all despise packing away the swimsuits and sunscreen, remember, the end of summer movie season finally gives way for some gnarly genre joints. Movies for grown ups is how I like to describe the autumn movie going season, and thankfully for us horror heads, 2015 boasts a...
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James McAvoy is a monster maker in Victor Frankenstein trailers and poster

20th Century Fox is bringing a "dynamic and thrilling twist" on the Frankenstein legend to the big screen with VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN , which is set for release on November 25th, 2015. (That's the day before Thanksgiving in the U.S.) To whet our appetites for the film, which was directed by Paul McGuigan from a screenplay by Max Landis, the studio has unveiled the poster and...
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James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe are all wet in new Victor Frankenstein pic

We've been hearing about VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN for a while now, and most of what we've heard is that the release date keeps changing. Twentieth Century Fox had originally slated it for release in October of last year, then pushed it to January of 2015, then this October, and recently moved it to November 25, 2015. Hopefully it will stay put now and we'll finally be able to...
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Dissecting John Landis!

JOHN LANDIS! In addition to being a lifelong horror dedicatee, John Landis is a cinematic jack of all trades. A throwback. Not only has the man slalomed in and out of every genre under the sun, Landis has amassed multiple credits in every above and below the line vocational field - writing, producing, directing, acting, stunt-work, music, hell...he even pulled...
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James McAvoy-starring Victor Frankenstein out in November

What was originally set for an October release, the James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe-starring VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN has been pushed ever so slightly to a new date that will see it land in theaters on November 25th, 2015. Other than that, though, things are quiet on the FRANKENSTEIN front, only growing our anticipation even more. McAvoy will play the titular scientist while...
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New images of James McAvoy & Daniel Radcliffe from Victor Frankenstein

We've already seen a couple of behind-the-scenes photos of HORNS and THE WOMAN IN BLACK star Daniel Radcliffe in the role of Igor in Paul McGuigan's upcoming VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (check those out HERE and HERE ), and now Empire has landed our first look at James McAvoy as the titular scientist in two new images. McGuigan's new take on Mary Shelley's classic tale...
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Top 10 Most Anticipated Genre Flicks Of 2015!

Hard to believe, isn't it? Another year in the books, another flip of the calendar...goddamn where does the time go?! Well consider this a giant Happy New Years shout-out from us here at AITH. Here's to a killer upcoming 12 months! Speaking of, as we always do this time of year, it's time to look ahead in terms of 2015 genre film releases. We have a ton of kick-ass movies coming out next...
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Paul McGuigan's Frankenstein gets a title change; official synopsis revealed

Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming retelling of Mary Shelley's masterpiece has just gotten a good ol’ title change as they have decided to add VICTOR to the title, thus naming it VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN . Amazing, right? To add to that boring slice of horror gold we’ve actually got something quite cool to share with you folks—the official plot synopsis! What we...
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