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Updated! Visit the main location of The Arrow's horror movie, The Shelter!

UPDATED: Only 66 hours left to support The Shelter IndieGoGo campaign! Hey all! A THE SHELTER campaign update, which is of course my horror directorial debut, starring Michael Pare (100 Feet, Bad Moon). Find below a video tour of the main THE SHELTER house; courtesy of our producer Donny Broussard, our DP Bobby Hollbrook and our VFX supervisor Thomas Wilson. This is where...
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Set Visit: Evil Dead (Part Two: Cast and Crew interviews)

READ PART 1 OF THIS VISIT HERE A large portion of my trip to the Auckland, New Zealand set of EVIL DEAD was devoted to sitting down and chatting with stars Jane Levy, Lou Taylor Pucci, Shiloh Fernandez and Elizabeth Blackmore, director Fede Alvarez and producer Rob Tapert. No, neither Sam Raimi nor Bruce Campbell were there (Raimi was working on a little something called OZ THE GREAT...
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Set Visit: Evil Dead (Part One)

The pitch: Want to go to New Zealand for three days to hang out on the set of EVIL DEAD? The obvious answer: Hell yes I do! The issue: I'm based in New York City, which means I'll first have to travel approximately six hours to L.A., chill out there for another few hours, then prepare body and soul for a 13-hour flight to Auckland. That's almost an entire day devoted to traveling for...
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