James Morrison's Diverge gets trailer, poster and VOD release date

Writer-director James Morrison's debut film DIVERGE is all set to hit iTunes and VOD this February, and truth be told,  I had not heard anything about the film before checking through its trailer and poster just now. But now that I've seen a glimpse of what the film holds I'm totally going to be checking it out. This flick looks like the kind of movie that's...
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Creepy Shortwave clip sends out a frequency of fear

I have been looking forward to the horror-thriller SHORTWAVE for what seems like forever now. The film recently hit DVD (get your copy HERE ) and is all set to land on VOD this coming Tuesday. To celebrate, today we have a clip from the flick via Brad at B-D, called "Frequency" . It features the film's lead actress giving her gorgeous home a once over after...
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Exclusive: Shortwave poster & release dates!

If you guys have been following us here at AITH for the last year or so, then you'll know that I'm extremely excited to check out the film SHORTWAVE from writer-director Ryan Gregory Phillips.  The movie's trailer (which you can peep below) is one of my favorite horror trailers of all time, and as a guy who makes his living as an editor, believe me when I say it is a...
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Top 10 Horror Movie News Articles this Week June 26-30th

Welcome to the AITH: TOP 10 NEWS for the week June 26th-30th, 2017 . This week we got the first trailer for CULT OF CHUCKY, learned Jake Busey was going to play the son of Gary Busey's PREDATOR 2 character in Shane Black's THE PREDATOR and much, much more! If you missed something this week, or just feel like going back through and seeing which bits and pieces of...
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Kong: Skull Island hits Blu-ray this July! Check out the special features

For the most part, I enjoyed this past spring's monster flick KONG: SKULL ISLAND . I am a bigger fan of Peter Jackson's version, but all the same, the new take on the classic tale was a fun romp through the jungle and sported a great f*cking cast. If you enjoyed the flick as much as I did or you missed it when it stomped through theaters, you'll be happy to hear the film...
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The Belko Experiment hits Blu-ray/DVD & Digital HD this June

I didn't get the chance to check out James Gunn and Greg McLean's THE BELKO EXPERIMENT in theaters so I have been counting down the days until I can peep the movie on VOD and/or buy the flick on Blu-ray. While we still have a ways to wait until the flick is released on disc, I can tell you some cool info on the eventual release. First off, THE BELKO EXPERIMENT hits...
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Exclusive clip from Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word available on VOD today

I'm looking forward to checking out JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT'S LAST WORD for no other reason than the film's director Simon Rumley was at the helm of one of the most fan-f*cking-tanstic indie-horror-drama-revenge flicks I have ever seen RED, WHITE & BLUE . High praise for that film, but if you've seen it ("My mother bought me a kitten..." ) you know I'm...
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The Shadow People starring C. Thomas Howell and Bug Hall now on VOD & DVD

THE SHADOW PEOPLE was filmed in Winnsboro, TX within the "historic" Cain House. The press release says the locals believed the house to be haunted. Boooo... Not only that but the film crew spoke of "weird and strange things events"  (yeah, you read that correctly) occurring throughout the shoot. Anyway, writer Nicholle Walton-Durban...
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Christopher Nolan's Interstellar hits Blu-ray in March; details here

INTERSTELLAR , which spawned plenty of love-it/hate-it arguments when it was released back in November, is ready to come back to Earth. Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic will hit home video in a Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand March 31st, from Paramount Home Media Distribution. The film arrives two weeks early on Digital HD March 17th. And here's a cool little addition: For...
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Blumhouse thrillers Mockingbird, Mercy, Not Safe for Work hitting DVD soon

Blumhouse Productions puts out a lot of movies, this we know. Some make it to the big screen, some... well, they get a bit dumped. Look at the cases of Joe Johnston's NOT SAFE FOR WORK , Peter Cornwell's MERCY , Bryan Bertino's MOCKINGBIRD and Joe Carnahan's STRETCH : all were high-profile when initially announced, all were summarily dropped on VOD with little...
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Bryan Bertino's Mockingbird arrives this month on VOD and DVD

It's been a long time since we last heard any word on THE STRANGERS director Bryan Bertino's found footage-style thriller MOCKINGBIRD, with our last update coming way back in February. Now we've learned that the film will be quietly debuting on Digital HD next week on October 7, followed by a DVD release exclusively at Wal-Mart on October 21 from Universal and the...
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Long delayed found footage shocker The Poughkeepsie Tapes finally hits VOD

It feels like we've been waiting on a release for Drew and John Erick Dowdle's long-delayed THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES forever. The film has been laying dormant since 2007, but that didn't stop the Dowdle brothers from forging ahead with other projects, including QUARANTINE, DEVIL, and the upcoming AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. At long last THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES has seen the light of...
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