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Cool Horror Gear: Friday the 13th Part 2 vinyl from Waxwork Records!

On the eve of another Friday the 13th, the LP-loving folks at Waxwork Records have given us a real good reason to scream TGIF! The company has announced it will be releasing a FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2 vinyl this May. This after giving the same treatment to the original slasher classic last year. You can check out the awesome artwork for the vinyl below. Per Waxwork: The...
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Cool Horror Gear: Waxwork Records issuing unreleased Phase IV soundtrack

Here's something very cool for you soundtrack collectors out there: On March 17th, never before released in any format, and what is highly regarded as a holy-grail for soundtrack enthusiasts, Waxwork Records and Paramount Pictures will be issuing the definitive soundtrack release of the 1974 mind bending science-fiction masterpiece, PHASE IV , which was directed by the late, legendary...
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Cool Horror Gear: Trick 'r Treat on vinyl from Waxwork Records

For many horror fans, watching Michael Dougherty’s TRICK ‘R TREAT has become a Halloween tradition with its fresh take on the horror anthology. Now, thanks to Waxwork Records, fans can listen to Douglas Pipes’ score on a gorgeously designed vinyl by the incredibly talented Francesco Francavilla. At the request of Michael Dougherty, Waxwork has acquired the full...
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Waxworks Records sets Friday the 13th and Chopping Mall release dates!

Waxwork Records, the label responsible for releasing beautifully packaged scores for Rosemary's Baby, Creepshow, Day of the Dead, Re-Animator, have announced two new releases today, both terribly exciting. First up, FRIDAY THE 13th. (See our last article HERE .) A release date has finally been granted to the vinyl: August 29th. The release features include liner notes from director...
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Friday the 13th vinyl coming from Waxwork Records!

Waxwork Records knocked it out of the park a few months ago with their CREEPSHOW vinyl , and will have to work hard to top that stellar release... Looks like they're going to Camp Crystal Lake for the encore. The company posted this video on their Instagram last night, and you don't have to be Crazy Ralph to know what that means: FRIDAY THE 13th is being given the vinyl...
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Cool Horror Gear: Details and art revealed for Creepshow vinyl!

Earlier in the month we brought the new that Waxwork Records was releasing a brand new CREEPSHOW vinyl; we also showed off a small sample of terrific artwork from Gary Pullin that would accompany the record. Today brings a new batch of goodies regarding the release, including more art and details. The following comes from Waxwork Records' press release, while the art comes courtesy...
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Cool Horror Gear: Creepshow soundtrack vinyl by Waxwork Records

If you're a CREEPSHOW fanatic like I am, you'll want to eat up the upcoming vinyl release of the film's soundtrack from Waxwork Records - even if you don't own a record player. The company just released a tease of release's art, by Gary Pullin, and it's a thing of absolute beauty. See it below. Waxwork has said that the vinyl release will be "jam-packed" with art by Pullin,...
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Cool Horror Gear: Chopping Mall vinyl from Waxwork Records announced

Waxwork Records continues to bring some of our favorite horror soundtracks to vinyl with their recent releases of both RE-ANIMATOR and ROSEMARY'S BABY (see those HERE and HERE ). Today they announced through Twitter that they will be handling the OST release of the 1986 cult classic CHOPPING MALL , by composer Chuck Cirino. Eight teenagers are trapped after hours...
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Cool Horror Gear: Rosemary's Baby on vinyl

Do you guys remember the recently announced THE HILLS HAVE EYES vinyl from One Way Static Records? Now, thanks to Waxwork Records, we have another horror-themed vinyl to look forward to! This time around Waxwork Records—who recently released the RE-ANIMATOR soundtrack to vinyl—is releasing the ROSEMARY'S BABY soundtrack with gorgeous cover artwork by Jay Shaw....
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Cool Horror Gear: Waxwork Records brings Re-Animator soundtrack to vinyl

Waxwork Records is dropping its first release on July 30, and it’s absolutely gorgeous — a limited edition vinyl pressing of Richard Band’s score from Stuart Gordon’s 1985 cult classic RE-ANIMATOR , featuring full LP artwork by the brilliant Ghoulish Gary Pullin! Band’s score, performed by the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra, has been specifically...
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