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Andrew Lincoln promises there will be blood on the season finale of The Walking Dead

While most of us don't mind the drama on "The Walking Dead" (as long as it doesn't take a 3-episode arc filled with more dialogue than action to work through it), the real reason we tune in is for the zombie carnage, blood and gore. With the season finale of TWD creeping up on us this Sunday and the war with the Governor looming (and you know it's gonna be worth the wait!), series star...
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Promo and clip from The Walking Dead season finale - 'Welcome to the Tombs'

If you missed last nights episode of THE WALKING DEAD (and WOW! What an epic episode!), fear not, as we will have our recap for you shortly. In the meantime, we have a promo and clip from next Sunday's season finale, titled "Welcome to the Tombs", for you to check out below. In the season finale, Rick and the group have to seriously consider if the prison is worth defending as The...
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