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Twin Peaks revival wraps, might be getting at least 2 seasons

Director David Lynch took a rather unconventional approach to the filming of Showtime's upcoming revival of Twin Peaks , the cult favorite 1990 - 1991 television show Lynch co-created with Mark Frost. Rather than film it episode by episode, Lynch took the script he and Frost had written for the new show and shot it as one extremely long movie. After a marathon 140 day shoot in...
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The People Under the Stairs Blu-ray bonus features revealed

While we wait to see what will happen with the THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS television show that Wes Craven was recently said to be developing, one thing we can definitely look forward to is Scream Factory's August 11th release of a Blu-ray collector's edition of Craven's 1991 film. Although repeated viewings of it were a part of my childhood, I was never really a fan...
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Top 10 Maniacal Mothers!

Maniacal mothers...the stuff of cinematic legend! Think about it, some of the most memorable characters to ever grace the screen happen to be woefully wicked matriarchs, be they in the horror genre or not. Why do you think that is? Perhaps it's the subversion of expectation. We normally associate motherhood with nurturing, caring, overprotection, life-giving and the like...so when those...
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