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Top 10 Horror Movie Tricks!

Ah yeah friends, 15 gloriously ghoulish days before our favorite day of the year is upon us. Halloween! What will you be doing this year? Gonna hit a creepy Halloween haunt, a la a Haunted Hayride or something like Halloween Horror Nights? Will you be donning a creepy costume and hitting the streets for some killer camaraderie and candy-filled pillowcases? Hell, will you posting up with some...
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Original Vs. Remake: When A Stranger Calls

We had a lot of great comments regarding the films from our last Maniacal Original Vs. Remake . Though both versions of Maniac got some lovin, the raw intensity of the original still won out. Better luck next time, Frodo. For today's O Vs. R, we are dialing up a creepy little number that definitely makes a babysitter think twice before checking the children. I'm talking about WHEN A...
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Top 10 Home Invasion Thrillers!

Have you guys seen the commercials for that new Ethan Hawke movie THE PRUGE? I can't front, that shite looks pretty decent, if for no other reason than being a welcomed addition to one of my favorite subgenres, the home invasion thriller. I don't know about you, but the plausible idea of someone - a real human being - entering your home when you least expect it, likely with deleterious intent,...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Jill Schoelen!

JILL SCHOELEN THEN : Quite a few years ago I attended a friend’s house for a small get together with just another couple and the hosts. Once there I was introduced to the other guest, a beautiful mother-to-be by the name of Jill Schoelen. Not once did we talk about how amazing she was in THE STEPFATHER, nor did we bring up one of the most underappreciated...
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