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Mel Gibson gives his backstory at an AA meeting in this Blood Father clip

The new Mel Gibson vehicle BLOOD FATHER actually looks frustratingly decent. In this new clip from the film, a visit to the AA for some much-needed exposition proves that he's still got the gruff charisma of a movie star. Director Jean-François Richet certainly knows how to work to the actor's strengths. Check it out for yourself below! Written by Peter...
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Mel Gibson looks to make a comeback in the second Blood Father trailer

Years after blowing up his own career with personal problems, Mel Gibson is on the comeback trail, and it looks like ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 remake director Jean-François Richet's BLOOD FATHER may be the film that could restore some of his former glory. Sure, it's unlikely to draw in LETHAL WEAPON amounts of cash, but it certainly looks like a badass movie with a great...
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A grizzled Mel Gibson leers from this Blood Father poster

BLOOD FATHER might not be a superb title for a movie, but it looks like it might be an actual comeback for action star Mel Gibson rather than crazy controversial Mel Gibson. In this new poster, Gibson Liam Neesons it up, staring icily from behind the block letters of the title. He's also joined by a veritable avalanche of pictures of other stars on their phones, because this is...
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Mel Gibson goes on a rampage in Blood Father trailer!

Mel Gibson's got big problems in BLOOD FATHER , a down and dirty action-thriller that sees the embattled former superstar packing heat, a mean beard and a bad attitude while fighting creepy cartel assassins. Looks like a nice new role for Mel, who hasn't gotten much going since returning to the big screen in forgettable titles like GET THE GRINGO, THE EXPENDABLES 3 and MACHETE...
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A Single Shot teaser brings Sam Rockwell into the deadly backwoods

A SINGLE SHOT is about to make its North American debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, and to help familiarize us with the identity of the backwoods thriller, a teaser trailer has just been unveiled. And it's a creepy little number. Based on the book by Matthew F. Jones (who also penned the screenplay) and directed by David M. Rosenthal, A SINGLE SHOT features an ace ensemble,...
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