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First look at creepy Helen Mirren in Winchester

Boom. And just like that WINCHESTER became a must-see horror flick. Sometimes it doesn't take much. Sometimes all it takes, in fact, is a creepy picture of Helen Mirren looking creepy and I'm all in - hook, line, and Winchester rifle. The upcoming flick WINCHESTER is coming at us from The Spierig Brothers, who are hot off the newest installment of the SAW franchise...
3 days ago
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Snook and Sampson join the Spierig Brothers' Winchester

We have to wait until October to see what sibling directing duo Michael and Peter Spierig have done with franchise-reviving sequel SAW: LEGACY, but in the meantime the brothers have already moved on to making their next film, the supernatural thriller WINCHESTER . We learned last year that Helen Mirren would be starring in the film, which is inspired by the story behind the...
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Terminator Genisys' Jason Clarke joins Helen Mirren in Winchester thriller

WINCHESTER , the upcoming thriller from the Spierig Brothers ( UNDEAD , DAYBREAKERS ) based on the true story of California's Winchester Mystery House, has already accomplished the world's biggest casting coup when it nabbed Helen Mirren to play the title role. No further casting announcements could possibly match that one, but it's still interesting to hear that some...
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Helen Mirren to star in the Spierig Brothers' Winchester

Having delivered their own take on zombie films with UNDEAD and vampire movies with DAYBREAKERS , sibling filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig are now preparing to show us what their version of a haunted house movie would be like. As announced last week , the brothers are at the helm of WINCHESTER ,  the strange and dramatic tale of Sarah Winchester, who was heir to...
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The Winchester Mystery House to star in the new Spierig Bros film

Having grown up in California, I've always been fascinated with the Winchester Mystery House. A popular tourist attraction located in San Jose, it's a mysterious mansion filled with staircases that go to nowhere, doors that lead to sudden drops, secret passageways, and plenty of mind-bending, M. C. Escher-esque architecture.  However, evidently you don't need to be...
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Hammer taps the Spierig Bros. for haunter Winchester

Michael and Peter Spierig, the Aussie filmmakers behind UNDEAD, DAYBREAKERS, and the upcoming PREDESINATION, have been tapped by Hammer Films to bring us the supernatural thriller WINCHESTER, reports Deadline. The Spierig  Brothers will rewrite to direct the film, which will be shot in the world famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. The story revolves around......
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The Arrow's Top 8 reasons why the Supernatural TV show rocks!

It's the Halloween season, I'm grooving to a horror show, I'm sharing the love! Now, I havenít followed a TV Show since The X-Files. Not because I donít want to but because I simply donít have the f-ing time to do so. But shit changed this year as I got hooked to not one but two current TV Shows. They are Game of Thrones (which I finally caught up to) and Supernatural (I am at Season 4 at the...
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