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Hammer taps the Spierig Bros. for haunter Winchester

Michael and Peter Spierig, the Aussie filmmakers behind UNDEAD, DAYBREAKERS, and the upcoming PREDESINATION, have been tapped by Hammer Films to bring us the supernatural thriller WINCHESTER, reports Deadline. The Spierig  Brothers will rewrite to direct the film, which will be shot in the world famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. The story revolves around......

The Arrow's Top 8 reasons why the Supernatural TV show rocks!

It's the Halloween season, I'm grooving to a horror show, I'm sharing the love! Now, I havenít followed a TV Show since The X-Files. Not because I donít want to but because I simply donít have the f-ing time to do so. But shit changed this year as I got hooked to not one but two current TV Shows. They are Game of Thrones (which I finally caught up to) and Supernatural (I am at Season 4 at the...


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