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Cool Horror Videos: Sam Raimi's 1978 short, Within The Woods!

Here's a must-watch for any horror fanatic: the 1978 short film that inspired EVIL DEAD , WITHIN THE WOODS ! Featuring EVIL DEAD stars Bruce Campbell and Ellen Sandweiss (as well as future Raimi producer Scott Spiegel), the short was made to inspire investors to give Sam Raimi and company some dough to make a feature length version. The rest is horror history. The quality...
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Zombie Diaries co-director to take you Within the Woods

Michael Bartlett, co-director of the ZOMBIE DIARIES series and PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHILL has signed on to direct WITHIN THE WOODS. No, it's not a remake of Sam Raimi's pre-EVIL DEAD short film. According to news sources it's more Stand By Me meets Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13 . Shooting is set to take place in Missouri this January. The British filmmaker will be...
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