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Steve Moore's Mayhem score hits vinyl this November

One of the top films I am looking to check out asap is director Joe Lynch's horror-action hybrid MAYHEM . I mean if I wasn't already excited by the cast and crew of the film, the red-band trailer we shared just the other day sealed the deal for me. And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, shame on you. I watch it twice a day to keep strong bones. With that...
5 days ago
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The trailer for Joe Lynch's Mayhem is here in all its gory glory!

Earlier this month we gave you guys a look at the all-new key art for director Joe Lynch's upcoming action-horror hybrid MAYHEM . Then we let you know the film was going to be hitting  November 10 . And today we have the first trailer to share with you guys! It seems that I am only hearing great f*cking things about director Joe Lynch's newest flick. The film...
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Joe Lynch's Mayhem gets new key art & release date

If for some reason you weren't aware, I'm a big fan of director Joe Lynch. Not only do I regularly rewatch his debut flick WRONG TURN 2 whenever I have the chance, but I really dug his "Die Hard in one room" movie EVERLY from a year or so back. With that in mind, we bring you the news that Lynch's new film MAYHEM will be released in theaters and on VOD...
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Joe Lynch returns to horror with Taste

I am a big Joe Lynch fan. I have followed the man ever since seeing the super-awesome sequel WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END years back. Henry Rollins killing cannibals is just my idea of fun times. Anyhow, since then Lynch has dabbled here and there with the horror genre, with a short in CHILLERAMA, and you could even say his comedy KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM and his action flick EVERLY were...
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Joe Lynch talks Mayhem starring Steven Yeun plus first look at the poster

Joe Lynch is one of the top current filmmakers I make sure to keep my eye on. I mean, I kind of can't help it considering I listen to basically every episode of the podcast he co-hosts weekly with Adam Green called THE MOVIE CRYPT. But I know I would still be one to keep up with the man's work after seeing WRONG TURN 2 back in the day. That flick had such a...
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