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JeruZalem 2 will provide a virtual reality experience

I feel a bit out of the loop on this one, as I haven't seen the first JERUZALEM yet and most of what I know about it was gleaned from The Arrow's 5/10 review . Given a VOD and limited theatrical release at the start of the year, the film was much more successful than I realized, and it has now been announced that the "fan favorite" will be getting a sequel....
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Demons aren't the only thing to fear in this JeruZalem clip

In anticipation of next week's digital release of the found footage flick  JERUZALEM , we've gotten a demonic new clip to share. In this short scene, the evil entities that are haunting the ancient city aren't the only thing tormenting our heroines. While she's hiding from an otherworldly menace, our camerawoman accidentally finds herself in a situation that might...
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This New Jeruzalem clip will make you rethink your travel plans

I’m trying really hard not to get excited about JERUZALEM , because found footage movies are the cinematic equivalent of online dating profiles. They lure you in with sweet looking images, then reveal that everything you believed about them was a lie.  This new clip from Entertainment Weekly leaves me flummoxed. It looks like the film could either be a cheap retread,...
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This new Jeruzalem trailer raises hell

Found footage. Exotic locale. Demons. An idiotic title. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yoav and Doron Paz’s  JERUZALEM takes hints from HOSTEL , DEVIL'S DUE , AS ABOVE, SO BELOW , and countless others in the construction of its plot, and yet why do I find this new trailer irresistible? The fact remains that I could be an idiot, but JERUZALEM might actually...
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First JeruZalem trailer opens the gates of hell starring Yael Grobglas

Here is the first trailer for Yoav and Doron Paz’s JERUZALEM , an apocalyptic new horror film that follows a group of kids caught in the middle of a biblical shit storm. It's a fantastic trailer that drops more than a couple of chilling shots, hinting at some of the creatures that crawl out of the depths of hell, but did it really have to be found-footage? Like, really?...
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