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New trailer for POV thriller You Are Not Alone, out on DVD this month

We've been talking about YOU ARE NOT ALONE for a little while now, the first time going back as far as 2012 , but now we can assure you it's getting a proper release - in the UK, anyway - and with that news comes a fresh trailer. As mentioned yesterday , POV horror films are becoming a "thing" at the moment, but since YOU ARE NOT ALONE was made a handful of years ago perhaps it can...
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You Are Not Alone hits DVD in the UK on February 22, 2016

Director Derek Mungor's "first person perspective" slasher YOU ARE NOT ALONE , a project which we first heard about back in 2012 (you can watch a trailer from 2014 here ) has landed distribution in the UK from Sharp Teeth Films, who will be releasing it on DVD on February 22. Written by Mungor and Chris O'Brien, YOU ARE NOT ALONE draws comparisons to classic...
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New poster for POV thriller You Are Not Alone

YOU ARE NOT ALONE is the first-person thriller we last told you about in April, when we brought along its international trailer . Today we have, courtesy of the film's Facebook page, a sales poster which is sporting a combination of patriotism and horror. YOU ARE NOT ALONE is a motion picture with two very different stories. At the forefront, this picture is about a college...
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International trailer for Derek Mungor's POV thriller You Are Not Alone

On tap for you folks is the international trailer for Derek Mungorís POV thriller YOU ARE NOT ALONE , which gives us a terrifying taste of first-hand horror as we see the film through the eyes of its main character, Natalieóa college graduate visiting her hometown over the 4th of July who is stalked by a psychotic killer. If you've seen Franck Khalfoun's MANIAC , starring Elijah Wood,...
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Poster & synopsis for new indie horror joint You Are Not Alone

Got a sleek new horror joint for you to get acquainted with, one that goes by the title YOU ARE NOT ALONE . For the flick, from director and co-writer Derek Mungor, we have a synopsis and high-res one-sheet, both of which you can check out below. Co-written with Mungor by Chris O'Brien: YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is a motion picture with two very different stories. At the forefront,...
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